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Give Toward Haiti

Just before 9am on Saturday, August 14 southern Haiti was hit by a massive 7.2M earthquake. We are grateful to report that our staff and site are physically safe. There has been no damage reported in Arcahaie where our ministry is located. The earthquake was felt around the country, but most of the damage is being reported in Jeremie and Les Cayes in the southwest part of the island. As of Monday morning the death toll has reached over 1,200 and is still climbing.

Haiti is again in a state of emergency because of the earthquake while still facing the ongoing political unrest, and if that wasn't enough there is now concern about Tropical Depression Grace. In response, we are asking for your prayers and looking to raise $25,000 in order to assist with earthquake relief and to continue to serve families and children in Haiti.

Although this earthquake did not hit Arcahaie and our site, we have connections throughout Haiti and are preparing to help how we can. Our Director of Hispaniola is working with locals to assess needs in the areas where the earthquake hit. It is important to determine how to best assist - whether that be food, shelter, water, etc. Your donation will help with us as we aim to come alongside the most vulnerable in Haiti and those most directly impacted by the earthquake.


  • For the disaster response teams as they continue their search and rescue missions
  • For the political unrest to calm and for road blocks to be removed so that aid can get to the areas that need it most
  • That Tropical Depression Grace reroutes or does not add to the damage
  • For provision of basic needs for those who have lost everything
  • For the people experiencing the emotional trauma of another earthquake
  • For wisdom for the churches and ministries who want to help