Bold Hope

Held on November 12th,
but you can still watch and give!

Click below to watch the recording of the event. We are seeking $50k and 50 sponsorships by the end of the month.

* Even though you missed the event, you can still RSVP and we will send you a packet. If you are on our mailing list, a Hope-A-Thon packet should already be on the way. The mailing has taken longer than anticipated.

About the event

Watch the largest Bold Hope event this year, streamed directly to you.

We brought our friends and partners from around the world together to celebrate a year of ministry and are looking forward to what's to come.

Watch the event to hear updates and needs directly from our international partners and call in to talk to our stateside staff - your support will make a difference in so many lives.

Even though the event has concluded, you are invited to watch from the comfort of your home. We are hopeful it will help you engage your world more purposely during this difficult season.

You can still RSVP to receive an interactive packet to go along with video.

The packet includes a scratch-off to win between $50-500 off a 2021 trip!

What we are raising 50K for:

  • $12,632 Belize - General funding for salaries and new initiatives
  • $12,000 Dominican Republic - Community center rental, ongoing missionary costs and new initiatives
  • $7,688 India - KCF Child sponsorship program start up + one year of costs
  • $12,700 Mexico/Jamaica - House build costs
  • $5,000 Jordan - Refugee school

Where our 50 sponsorships are:

  • Belize: 5 child sponsorships
  • Cambodia: 5 child sponsorships
  • Dominican Republic: 5 child sponsorships
  • Haiti: 25 child sponsorships
  • India: 5 child sponsorships
  • Zimbabwe: 5 child sponsorships

Watch the Recorded
Event Here:

Please watch and share the video. It is one big way you can help us continue to meet our goals during this time.