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Amman, Jordan

Jordan is a country that is 93% unreached, with the majority of people identifying as Muslim. Our partners are committed to loving their community and showing people Christ through their actions. They believe in a holistic approach to ministry in which both physical and spiritual needs can be met. They reach their community through a school, medical clinic, food distribution, house repairs and various other ministries they reach their community. Visiting homes, hearing stories and developing relationships are central in all they do. The biggest barriers they face are funding and volunteers to help move their initiatives forward - we aim to provide both.

Jordan Hope Initiatives

This Islamic nation is in desperate need of the projects and programs our local partners have undertaken in an effort to inspire HOPE in the darkness. Bold Hope comes alongside the long-term vision of these faithful men and women to provide financial assistance as well as support in the form of short-term mission teams.

Educational Programs
Bold Hope Educational Programs

Educational Programs

Education is often not attainable for refugees as they cannot afford school fees or are denied entrance due to being Christian. Opening a school provided these children with an opportunity they would not have otherwise had. The school currently has between 30-40 students enrolled and over 100 on the waiting list. 

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Medical Care
Bold Hope Medical Care

Medical Care

Access to medical care is a luxury that many refugees do not have. Our medical teams come and provide medical attention to many who would never otherwise receive it. 

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Community Outreach
Bold Hope Community Outreach

Community Outreach

Many refugees are unable to work in Jordan, making providing for their families difficult. One way our partner reaches these families is through food distribution, an easy way to begin building relationships as a bridge for sharing the gospel.

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Community Development
Bold Hope Community Development

Community Development

A safe living environment should be considered a basic human right. And yet, many refugees live in inadequate shelters that may be prone to mold, leaks, etc. House reconstruction and mold remediation are dire needs.

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Children's Ministry
Bold Hope Children's Ministry

Children's Ministry

Children have an amazing ability to bring entire families to faith in Christ. Through their school and other outreach efforts, our partners are able to minister to the children in their community. Teams will have the opportunity to reach children and youth through school programs, games, sports, crafts, music, etc.

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Church Partnerships
Bold Hope Church Partnerships

Church Partnerships

Middle Easterners are very relational - spending time in one another’s homes and sharing their stories is important to them. Visiting someone’s home, talking with them, and praying with them if the situation allows is a blessing during a time when so much of their normal lives has been upheaved.

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