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The Need

Thousands of families move from southern Mexico, Guatemala and El Salvador to the Baja Peninsula each year in search of work in the farming communities. When they arrive, they have little money and often live in unsuitable homes with tarp roofs and dirt floors. Our mission trips to Mexico include building a home for one of these families. You don't have to be a professional builder to make a difference.

Mexico At A Glance

Climate Semi-Arid

Current Temp: 61°




94.8% Catholic


Spanish, native tongues


Central America

Mexico Information


Baja’s summer is short - the “hot” season lasts from July - September, with an average daily high temperature in the mid-80’s. Winters are mild with average temperatures in the mid-50’s.


46% of people live below the poverty line

Undernourished/Food Insecurity

28% experience moderate or severe food insecurity


$1 USD = 20 Mexican Pesos (MXN)


Mexico is primarily populated by Mestizos (people of mixed blood, especially one having Spanish and indigenous descent) and Amerindians (any member of the people living in North or South America before the Europeans arrived).


While Mexico has the 11th largest economy in the world, income distribution in this country is extremely unequal. Nearly half of the population falls below the poverty line, both from a food-based definition of poverty and from an asset-based definition of poverty.