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Kathmandu, Nepal

Silvio and his wife Rosmari first traveled to Nepal from their home in Brazil for a short-term trip to help out with counseling children rescued from the sex trade for one year. But during their time there, they were so filled with love for the kids they were meeting that they decided they couldn't leave! So, in the year 2000, Silvio, Rosmari, and their son moved to Nepal permanently. They began with one home, and one by one the girls came to them after being trafficked themselves or because they were at risk. As Silvio and Rosmari's hearts grew, so did their Apple of God's Eyes family. They are committed to seeing people come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ in addition to living a safe and healthy life despite the challenges they have had to overcome. They oversee various programs with those goals in mind. Among them are: education, rescue and prevention, recovery and counseling, transitional initiatives for young adults, sustainability projects, training courses, and community outreach events. They believe that with compassion, dignity and love can be restored to offer a new HOPE for the future.

Nepal Hope Initiatives

Our HOPE initiatives are programs and projects undertaken by our local partners with the aim of inspiring HOPE in the people they serve. Bold Hope comes alongside the long-term vision of these faithful men and women to provide financial assistance as well as support in the form of short-term mission teams.

Educational Programs
Bold Hope Educational Programs

Educational Programs

Our partners have found that education can be one of the most successful preventative measures for human trafficking; families are less likely to sell or allow the trafficking of their child if they are studying regularly. They began a school of their own to serve their community as well as the children they rescue and support. Through the school they hope to help children reach their dreams and graduate as leaders. 

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Trafficking Prevention
Bold Hope Trafficking Prevention

Trafficking Prevention

Educational scholarships through sponsorship allow at-risk children to remain at home with their families while being empowered through education. For children who have been taken out of the sex industry or for whom living at home is not safe, our partners have opened children’s homes. They don't want to just provide a “shelter home,” but a family with opportunities for education and skills training to keep the children safe and continue their development.

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Medical Care
Bold Hope Medical Care

Medical Care

Access to medical/dental care is a luxury that is foreign to many Nepalese people. Our partners opened a fully equipped dental clinic and a mobile clinic bus for medical professionals to serve communities that would never otherwise receive medical care. 

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Community Outreach
Bold Hope Community Outreach

Community Outreach

Supporting local families and communities through sponsorship, health clinics, skills training and education provides opportunities for the gospel to go forth.

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Community Development
Bold Hope Community Development

Community Development

Through trafficking awareness programs, training courses for future careers, sustainability initiatives and transition programs to prepare children phasing out of homes, our partners long to see their community thrive. 

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Children's Ministry
Bold Hope Children's Ministry

Children's Ministry

Children are a large focus of ministry in Nepal. Keeping children safe and well by offering compassion and HOPE is the ultimate mission. Some children are able to stay with their family and others are rescued into a home for security and healing. Our ministry partners are committed to doing what is best for the child and providing programs, counseling, family, love, and support in addition to meeting their basic needs. 

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Church Partnerships
Bold Hope Church Partnerships

Church Partnerships

Many pastors are laymen who serve their congregations as volunteers. Pastoral training is a valuable tool that will equip these men with a better understanding of how to present the gospel and meet the spiritual needs of those in their community.

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