Write to Your Sponsored Child

Take some time out of your day and write to your sponsored child. Your letters will establish a special relationship between you and your sponsored child.

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Refer to our writing tips for ideas and suggestions.

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Writing tips

Suggestions & Ideas:

  • Encourage and uplift: Your sponsored child needs to hear that he or she is special and valued. You can share your personal thoughts or include scripture that reinforces their importance and value.
  • Share about yourself: Your sponsored child will love to know more about you, your family and what your life is like. You can share as much or little as you would wish.
  • Ask questions: You can ask questions about your sponsored child’s life and family situation as well
  • Just write: Whatever you decide to share with your sponsored child, please know that your letters truly have an impact in your sponsored child’s life. They offer encouragement, hope and reflect the love of Christ.

How it works:

Your letter will be forwarded to our staff in who will translate it before going out into the community and reading the letter to your sponsored child and their family. The child will be able to keep your letter. Please allow 2-3 weeks between the time you submit your letter and your letter being given to your child.

Most children will be able to write back (depending on age). If the child is too young to write back, a family member will have the opportunity to do so if they are able. Otherwise, the child will draw you a picture. Receiving a response from your sponsored child will take time as the only means we have of getting it to the U.S. is via our staff when they travel back and forth.

We hope this new electronic letter writing feature will allow you to keep in touch with your sponsored child and help you establish a special relationship with them.