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  • Bermudian Landing
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  • Blackman Eddy
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Belize is known as the Jewel of the Caribbean. The only English-speaking country in Central America, Belize has a warm and welcoming population of only 380,000 people. With a per capita income of less than $8,000US, many families find food and education beyond their means. Join us as we partner with churches and schools to serve families and communities through child sponsorship, service projects, children and school ministries, and small business ventures.

Belize Trip at a glance

Here is some helpful information about our trips to Belize and a look at the cultural statistics.

Age Group:
All Ages - Family Friendly

Trip Availability:
Year Round

Trip Duration:
7 Days / 6 Nights

Belize Cultural Statistics

Climate Tropical
Current Temp. 89°


Roman Catholic



Living in Poverty

Ways to serve:

Click on the buttons to review all the ways you can serve in Belize.

In Belize, children are a big focus of the ministry you’ll be doing. Depending on the time of year, your team may have the opportunity to go into a local school (or schools) and present the gospel through skits, music, crafts*, etc. During the summer, our local ministry partners run camp where you’ll get the chance to build relationships with the same kids all week.

* Teams are responsible for bringing necessary craft supplies and should budget appropriately.

Whether you’re ministering to kids at school or at camp, we think it’s important to help meet their physical needs as well as their spiritual needs. Making sure they get to eat lunch all week is a huge blessing. Your team will prepare the food, serve the meal, and clean up afterwards.

Our local ministry partners are passionate about seeing lives transformed in Belize. They make building lasting relationships a priority. Much of what is considered “community outreach” is simply having fun with the locals. When their kids are engaged in soccer, jump rope, tag, etc. parents enjoy coming out to watch, which leads to openings for conversation and gospel presentations.

Missionaries often don’t have the budget for repairs or updates, so we ask our teams to contribute to the ongoing upkeep of the mission site, and help with bigger projects as needed. Additionally, many of the local schools are constantly in a state of needing repair.

Trip Pricing Info:

All pricing is accurate as of 08/11/2020

Pricing Per Person:

  • Individual Pricing: $895
  • Family & Small Group Pricing: $895
  • Team Pricing: $795
  • Team Members: $795

Team Registration Fee


  • Team of 10 or more: $495
  • Create your own trip
  • Gives team members a $100 discount

Trip Duration

7 Days / 6 Nights

What's Included


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  • add_circle_outline Additional Cost
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  • highlight_off Not Included

In-country Transportation:

  • To/From Airport
  • To/From Ministry sites in-country


Translators (if needed)


3 meals/day (excludes food at airports)

  • American or Belizean cuisine


1 Bold Hope staff member



  • Hotel



  • Training presentations & handouts
  • Devotional guides
  • Re-Entry guides


Basic Ministry Supplies:

  • Paint and brushes
  • Coloring books & crayons


Reusable Water Bottle


Additional Costs

Recreation or Local Cultural Experience


Airfare (Bold Hope can book)


Construction and/or Ministry Projects


Group t-shirts

  • Bold Hope t-shirts will typically be on sale during your trip, but limited quantities are available.
  • If you would like to make your own shirts, feel free to grab our logos here: Bold Hope Media Kit

What's Not Included

Transportation to/from U.S. airport






Belize Information -&- Frequently Asked Questions

Belize Information:

Be sure to read through this information.


Your team will be staying at the mission site. * There are two dormitory-style rooms which house up to 14 people each. The rooms each contain 7 bunk beds, two showers, toilets, and air conditioning units. Both dorms also have nice porches with seating (a great place to have quiet time or just hang out).

* Upon request, teams may stay at a hotel. An upgrade fee will be applied if this option is chosen.


All international travelers should research the area they are visiting. Please Click here for Belize vaccination information and consult with your primary care physician or a travel clinic at least 4-8 weeks prior to your departure to make decisions that are best for you or your family members.

Trip participants should be up to date with vaccinations common to those living in the United States, such as tetanus and measles/mumps/rubella.


Food is prepared by our local ministry partners. Teams will be asked to help prepare and clean up from meals. We suggest assigning the same team members to help at all three meals one day out of the week.

Gluten free foods are not available for purchase in Belize, so our hosts are unable to provide these items. If you are gluten free, please bring your own bread, pasta, crackers, etc.

Clean, safe drinking water is available at all times.


It is each participant’s responsibility to get themselves to and from the airport in the U.S.

Upon arrival to Belize, all transportation during your stay is included in the cost of the trip.

warning Important:

All passports must be valid 6 months past the dates of the trip.

All trip participants under the age of 18 must carry a written, notarized letter from both parents stating that they have permission to leave the country (two separate letters are acceptable, if necessary). If a minor is traveling with just one of their parents, they must have a notarized note from the other parent granting them permission to travel to Belize.

The letter should show the following:

  1. Child's legal name as it appears on their passport and date of birth
  2. Both parents' legal names and formal signatures
  3. Legal name of team leader
  4. Legal name of temporary guardian (if different from team leader)
  5. The specific traveling dates for each country. Include flight number, arrival time, departure time
  6. The destination country
  7. The purpose for travel to the destination country

Belize FAQ:

Be sure to read through this information.

Is a visa required for travel to Belize?

No, a visa is not required for U.S. residents for stays in Belize less than 30 days.

What is the dress code for Belize?

For females: no tank tops or racerback tanks. Sleeveless shirts are fine as long as they come to the edge of your shoulder. Shorts and skirts must come to the top of the knee. For males: if you are teaching or preaching, please wear khaki shorts rather than athletic shorts. We recommend everyone bringing at least one pair of pants. Sneakers should be worn on the mission site; sandals are fine in the dormitories or at the hotel. Swimsuits should be one-piece or tankinis that completely cover your stomach.

What time zone is Belize in?

Belize is in the Central time zone, however it does not participate in Daylight Savings Time.

Do I need to pack towels or toiletries?

Yes, please pack your own shampoo/toothpaste/soap. Bed sheets and bath towels are provided. Please pack a towel for the pool.

What language do Belizeans speak?

English is the primary language in Belize, however we come into contact with many people who only speak Spanish.

What kind of food will I be eating?

Most of the food prepared is American food with a bit of Belizean food mixed in. Common meals include rice and beans, spaghetti, pancakes, and burritos.

Can I drink the water?

The water is safe to use for cooking and brushing your teeth. However, bottled water will be provided for drinking.

What should I know about the culture?

In Belize, Christians cannot drink or smoke and should not even talk about it. It is also important to be careful about the way you speak - do not say things like “that sucks” and do not call people things like “bro” or “dog.”

Insurance Benefits:




Accidental Death & Dismemberment


Reduced to $10,000 for those under age 12 or age 70 and over

Medical Expenses - Primary

  • $100 deductible
  • No preexisting conditions Exclusion.


Primary coverage; $2,500 of this limit is available to pay U.S. or Canadian providers

Excess Medical Expenses - Optional

Preexisting conditions are Excluded. Includes an additional $50,000 Emergency Medical Evacuation limit.


For those age 0-59 at an additional $0.49 per diem


For those age 0-59 at an additional $0.69 per diem


For those age 60-65 at an additional $1.40 per diem


For those age 66-70 at an additional $3.05 per diem

Disability Income Benefit
(no benefit if under age 12 or 70 and over)




First 100 Months — Accident

Months 101–200 — Accident

50 Months — Sickness (after 3 month waiting period)

Assistance Service


Available 24/7/365 for assistance with worldwide medical emergencies; provided by Intana Global™

Emergency Medical Evacuation


Coordinated by Intana Global™; will bring participant back to USA if necessary

Crisis Management Service*


Available 24/7/365 for assistance with worldwide non-medical emergencies; provided by red24

Security Evacuation*


Coordinated by red24; for evacuation due to crime, civil unrest, natural disasters, kidnap/hostage situations**

Family Coordination and Repatriation of Mortal Remains


Combined limit for both benefits and includes a sublimit of $2,500 for extra expenses incurred during an approved evacuation

Personal Property
$100 deductible


"Door to door" replacement cost coverage includes checked baggage; higher limits available upon request.

General Liability


Worldwide jurisdiction; includes coverage for injury to a volunteer; covers volunteer and sending organization


$3.30 per person per day

By requesting that we enroll you or your group, you are agreeing to participate in InternationalHelpers (Guernsey) Trust (IHT) for certain benefits and services. The Trust Participation Agreement is attached for signature and return with enrollment. Services & Benefits are provided by service contracts & insurance policies issued to IHT.

*The cost of a security evacuation is only insured up to $1,000 in countries and regions deemed Extreme Risk by red24, unless the volunteer is already in the country and insured by this plan when the country or region is elevated to Extreme Risk status. red24 cannot guarantee service in Extreme Risk areas. If you are traveling to an area that may be subject to this limitation, please contact us.

** While red24 will deploy a specialist or negotiator as needed, this benefit does not pay ransomamounts.

This brief summary is not an insurance policy; rather, it outlines some of the features of this coverage. For specific details, please contact our office or refer to the policy. This is not a major medical policy. MajorMedical Coverage is available for individuals and groups on Short-Termand Long-Term international assignments. AnAggregate Limit of $20,000,000 applies to the above benefits. This limit provides the full $100,000 AD&D benefit for up to 200 persons in a common accident.

To participate and receive the services & benefits of IHT, complete the enrollment formand return along with your check made payable to: Gallagher Charitable International Insurance Services. In computing the number of days, count the departure day as well as the day of return. If the entire group is not traveling on the same dates, please attach a separate sheet grouping the volunteers by their travel dates.