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Upcoming Mission Trips

We invite you to experience the joy of service by joining us on a mission trip. See firsthand the HOPE that exists when you step outside yourself to love God and love people. Trips are filling up fast; reserve your spot today.

Open Trip Dominican Republic Mission Trip

Dominican Republic

Aug. 18, 2024 - Aug. 24, 2024
Trip Cost: $1395
Open Trip Belize Mission Trip


Sep. 1, 2024 - Sep. 7, 2024
Trip Cost: $1395
Open Trip Dominican Republic Mission Trip

Dominican Republic

Oct. 5, 2024 - Oct. 11, 2024
Trip Cost: $1395
Open Trip Dominican Republic Mission Trip

Dominican Republic

Oct. 13, 2024 - Oct. 19, 2024
Trip Cost: $1395
Open Trip Belize Mission Trip


Oct. 27, 2024 - Nov. 2, 2024
Trip Cost: $1395
Open Trip Jamaica Mission Trip


Nov. 3, 2024 - Nov. 9, 2024
Trip Cost: $1395

Mission Trips Opportunities

Learn about all the different types of mission trips Bold Hope has to offer.

Faith-Based Faith Based Mission Trip

Faith-Based Mission Trips

Christ is at the center of all we do. Join us as we share the HOPE of His promises
Family Family Mission Trip

Family Mission Trips

Serve as a family: develop a unique bond, strengthen your collective faith, create lasting memories.
High School High School Mission Trips

High School Mission Trips

God intentionally uses high school students for His purposes every single day. Step into His plan for you today.
Medical Medical Mission Trips

Medical Mission Trips

We believe access to health services should be a basic right. Join us in providing HOPE through healing.
Youth Youth Mission Trips

Youth Mission Trips

Children and youth are near and dear to our hearts - we love seeing teens reach their peers!
Bold Hope Connect


God commands us to love our neighbors, and Bold Hope takes that directive seriously. We value long-term relationships and the impacts they can have on growth. Let us help you connect with and serve people through a group mission trip. Our short-term mission trips allow you to meet new people, exchange life lessons and create friendships that can last a lifetime.

When you volunteer to visit a new country for a nonprofit mission trip, you will learn that we are all people who can relate to each other despite country borders.

Bold Hope Connect


We work with long-term partners determined to bring opportunities to those in developing nations. Our partners work day and night, with the goal of bringing HOPE to their communities. This can be difficult at times, as carrying the responsibilities of their work can weigh on faith, finances and health. You can support and empower these partners through your own contributions.

By helping in any way you can, whether through donations or a short-term mission trip, we can bring HOPE to those in need. You may believe your actions are small, but they make a difference to those around you

Bold Hope Connect


HOPE grows and changes who we are. Those who take a chance and go on a volunteer mission trip with us can become transformed and breathe new life into communities.

Come together and bring good news to communities separated from us by borders but connected to us by God's word. When you volunteer to travel to a Third World country, the gospel can transform lives while God uses the experience to change yours as well.

Hope Initiatives

Empowering For Long-Term Impact

Every mission trip aligns with Bold Hope's long-term goals. Whether you can provide medical care, teach or help with disaster relief, our short-term missions organization has a range of programs accessible through our international mission trips. From feeding programs to building playgrounds and schools, you can put your skills and abilities to use. Impact the lives of those living in developing nations by joining your church or group for a short-term mission trip.

Learn more about Bold Hope's initiatives below.

Hope Initiative
Bold Hope Children's Ministry

Children's Ministry

Children deserve the very best this world has to offer, which is why we support them in a variety of ways including discipleship, tutoring, feeding programs, and other activities geared towards their healthy development.

Children Hope Initiative

Hope Initiative
Bold Hope Church Partnerships

Church Partnerships

The end goals? Eternal transformation and Kingdom preparation. The local church plays a vital role in offering HOPE in the midst of heartache, suffering, and devastation.

Church Hope Initiative

Hope Initiative
Bold Hope Community Development

Community Development

A sense of accomplishment and worth is given when a community gains a playground, church, school, or bus stop. In addition, through small business ventures, an empowered person is given the opportunity to break the cycle of poverty. These types of community development breathe new life into a struggling village.

Development Hope Initiative

Hope Initiative
Bold Hope Disaster Relief

Disaster Relief

A natural disaster leaves so many without the most basic of needs. In the midst of devastation we can be the hands and feet of Jesus.

Disaster Hope Initiative

Hope Initiative
Bold Hope Educational Programs

Educational Programs

Education is something that many in the U.S. take for granted; we believe it is an inherent right. Education is one of the key components needed to break the cycle of poverty.

Education Hope Initiative

Hope Initiative
Bold Hope Medical Care

Medical Care

Scripture is full of examples of Jesus healing the sick and wounded. If they were important to him, they’re important to us.

Medical Hope Initiative

Hope Initiative
Bold Hope Community Outreach

Community Outreach

We aim to serve not only individuals and families, but whole communities. It is our belief that developing lasting relationships will lead to further opportunities to share the transformative power of the gospel.

Outreach Hope Initiative

Hope Initiative
Bold Hope Trafficking Prevention

Trafficking Prevention

Human trafficking robs individuals of their dignity, their self-worth, and their HOPE. We aim not only to prevent trafficking, but also to restore and redeem those precious children of God who’ve already suffered.

Trafficking Hope Initiative

Sponsor a child

In unpredictable times, sponsorship is more important than ever. Country shutdowns, loss of jobs and school closings all directly or indirectly impact the wellness of children around the world. Partner with us as we come alongside the vulnerable to meet some of their most basic needs and help them feel cared for. When you sponsor a child, you can provide for some of their basic needs and form a lasting relationship by writing letters and receiving updates.

Make a Difference With
Bold Hope

Bold Hope provides ways for church groups, families and other organizations to support developing nations. Through our partnerships with international churches, pastors and leaders, we provide ministry through missions trips to various locations. We serve many different countries, including some in South America, Africa, Asia and the Caribbean.

These trips are great for people of any age or background. We also offer trips that meet a variety of needs — from construction to medical — and more general trips for families. Connect with people, empower your fellow humans and let your memories transform the way you see the world.

Join one of our mission trip programs and have an experience you will never forget. You can also contact us for more information.