Subhojit Mondal Bold Hope
Śubha Aparāhna - good afternoon

I'm Subhojit Mondal

Subhojit's village looks beautiful and is surrounded by green fields
and trees. The predominantly Hindu village is made up of 500 homes.
Subhojit has one younger brother Ankit. His father is a daily wage laborer and his mother is
a homemaker. His father’s monthly income ranges between 8000 - 9000 Indian Rupees/$
110. Subhojit has good study habits. He faithfully attends Kolkata Christian
Fellowship’s Kids Church each week.
Subhojit does not receive any other financial or in-kind help. Would you sponsor him? 
His desire to be a mechanical engineer when he grows up. 

  • Age: 7
  • Gender: Male
  • Birthday: 06/15/2013
  • Birth Place: Kolkata, India
  • Needs: His prayer request is that his family’s needs will be met.

Goal to $40


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