Fundacion Rescate Child Sponsorship Program

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Fundación Rescate

Fundación Rescate was started in 2012 in Sucua, Ecuador, located in the Ecuadorian Amazon to provide a safe place for local children currently in unhealthy and unsafe environments. Local officials say that 2-3 children a day need to be taken out of their home due to abuse, neglect, parenting and/or marital issues and currently have very few options of support.

Our goal is to meet them in their time of darkness and show them God’s great love by providing a temporary safe home, Casa Rescate, for children ages 6-12 to serve not only their immediate physical, emotional, and spiritual needs but also those of their families. The reality is that these children will return to their families after a short period of time, therefore it is necessary to provide emotional and spiritual support to the entire family.

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Each child is in need of 18 slots to become fully sponsored.

Each slot is $45/monthly.

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