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Hope Initiatives

Biblical HOPE is the confident expectation of the fulfillment of what God has promised; its strength is in His faithfulness. Our HOPE initiatives are tangible responses to our belief in His faithfulness. We help meet physical needs because humans were created in the image of God and therefore deserving of basic necessities. We pursue physical and spiritual freedom because Christ died to set mankind free. We love with the end goal of seeing lives eternally transformed.


Children's Ministry

Children deserve the very best this world has to offer, which is why we support them in a variety of ways including discipleship, tutoring, feeding programs, and other activities geared towards their healthy development.


Church Partnerships

The end goals? Eternal transformation and Kingdom preparation. The local church plays a vital role in offering HOPE in the midst of heartache, suffering, and devastation.


Community Development

A sense of accomplishment and worth is given when a community gains a playground, church, school, or bus stop. In addition, through small business ventures, an empowered person is given the opportunity to break the cycle of poverty. These types of community development breathe new life into a struggling village.


Disaster Relief

A natural disaster leaves so many without the most basic of needs. In the midst of devastation we can be the hands and feet of Jesus.


Educational Programs

Education is something that many in the U.S. take for granted; we believe it is an inherent right. Education is one of the key components needed to break the cycle of poverty.


Medical Care

Scripture is full of examples of Jesus healing the sick and wounded. If they were important to him, they’re important to us.


Community Outreach

We aim to serve not only individuals and families, but whole communities. It is our belief that developing lasting relationships will lead to further opportunities to share the transformative power of the gospel.


Trafficking Prevention

Human trafficking robs individuals of their dignity, their self-worth, and their HOPE. We aim not only to prevent trafficking, but also to restore and redeem those precious children of God who’ve already suffered.