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Take a short-term mission trip to the Bahamas with your church group, youth group, school group, or family. Bold Hope works with trusted partners to provide numerous opportunities to make a difference in devastated communities. As you and your team serve in the Bahamas, you’ll have the opportunity to connect with locals, empowering them to rebuild and restart with the aim of transforming their lives and their communities, offering them HOPE in the midst of their difficult circumstances.


Taking a weeklong mission trip to the Bahamas lets you meet, interact with and build relationships with the people who live there. Since Hurricane Dorian, local communities have struggled with devastating losses, and they need assistance now more than ever. So many people have lost their homes and belongings to the powerful waters Dorian brought to shore.

Your group can help bring relief to those in need of shelter. Construction work is in high demand in the Bahamas for homes and businesses alike. Businesses were severely impacted by the hurricane, causing many people to lose their jobs. Bold Hope aims to help by working alongside local partners to distribute food and repair or rebuild structures.

The hurricane also forced many schools to close their doors as they are in dire need of repairs. While some schools have been able to partially re-open, many children are left with hours of free time. Bold Hope and its partners welcome you to step into this gap by staffing sports camps or other children’s activities. Supporting existing youth events and programs by delivering fun, educational opportunities is an encouragement to the entire community.

Marsh Harbour, Great Abaco, Bahamas

Marsh Harbor, Bahamas

Our partner pastors in Marsh Harbour are passionate about seeing their communities restored. Whether it be homes, churches, businesses or schools, they are actively working to provide physical help to people whose livelihoods were impacted by Hurricane Dorian. Through physical labor, donation distribution and various community outreach programs they are coming alongside and supporting those directly affected by the destruction. They also desire to meet the spiritual needs of those whom they serve. With most schools shut down, churches in the area are seeking to engage local children and youth in meaningful ways.

the Bahamas Hope Initiatives

In the Bahamas, our HOPE initiatives primarily take the form of hurricane disaster relief. We do this by partnering with churches with the aim of inspiring HOPE in the people they serve. Bold Hope comes alongside the long-term vision of these faithful men and women to provide physical labor, support, and encouragement in the form of short-term mission teams.

Children's Ministry
Bold Hope Children's Ministry

Children's Ministry

Although some schools have reopened, they have done so on the most basic level. As such, children and youth have a lot more time on their hands. We are excited about the ways in which we can engage them with programs, sports camps, or other events, with the aim of pointing them to Jesus. 

Learn more about our Children's Ministry Hope Initiative

Church Partnerships
Bold Hope Church Partnerships

Church Partnerships

Churches are looking for ways to involve their communities both in relief efforts and spiritual development. Our partners are committed to this effort in the long-term and our teams have the opportunity to join in the short-term.

Learn more about our Church Partnerships Hope Initiative

Community Development
Bold Hope Community Development

Community Development

Our goal is to come alongside communities who have been deeply impacted by the hurricane. In the Bahamas, community development may look like helping rebuild schools or businesses, distributing food as needed or anything that would be for the greater good of the community.

Learn more about our Community Development Hope Initiative

Disaster Relief
Bold Hope Disaster Relief

Disaster Relief

Many homes, churches and businesses were completely destroyed by Hurricane Dorian. There have been significant funds and donations sent to help, but there is a huge need for labor. Many of the skilled laborers on the island are being paid to work for the wealthy, who’ve been deemed first priority, leaving the average Bahamian without help. We will be stepping into the gap to assist with both cleanup, restoration, organization and distribution of supplies - no skills are required. 

Learn more about our Disaster Relief Hope Initiative

Why partner with Bold Hope?

At Bold Hope, our priority is to see international communities grow. Many people are in need of not only basic necessities, but also HOPE, to give them the chance to thrive. When you partner with us you’ll see lives transformed - the lives of those you’re going to serve, but also the lives of those who are doing the serving.

Upon arrival in the Bahamas, you’ll be accompanied by a Bold Hope team member to facilitate your mission journey so that you can put all of your energy into your designated service opportunities.

Reach out to Bold Hope to learn more

Our goal is to see you and your team connect with a community, empower those who are struggling and allow the experience to transform you as much as it transforms the people you are helping. With the trip inclusions that we offer at Bold Hope, you can enjoy the work you do for others without worrying about lodging, food or language barriers.

If you and your group are ready to embark on a rewarding experience and make a real difference in the world, contact us today to start planning your mission trip to the Bahamas.

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