Srey Leap

Srey Leap

Srey Leap is 7 years old. Her single mother died last year in childbirth and her grandmother was too poor to send her to school. Srey Leap's cousin, one of our college dorm students, asked us to take her to live at the Refuge Center. When she first came she was very upset (pictured below) and wouldn't talk or smile. She was six at the time, but needed to be put in 1st year Kindergarten because of lack of schooling. She is now smiling and loving the Center so much that she doesn't like visiting the village where her grandmother lives on holidays. She is now in level 2 Kindergarten and doing really well in school.  She is learning English, which will help her obtain a better paid position in the future (poor children in Cambodia rarely have the opportunity to study English). Note: She had a cyst removed from her neck which is why she is pictured with gauze around her neck.

Manna Mourng

Manna Mourng

Manna was born to a prostitute. His mom had been rescued by an organization in Cambodia but soon returned to her profession. The couple who runs our Refuge Center adopted him. They are a poor couple - the wife had had 2 miscarriages which resulted in large medical debt. Because Manna is sponsored, they now not only have a child of their own, but are also able to send him to school. As resident staff, food is provided for the family too. Manna is now 8 years old and is often in the top 3 of his class in school. Music and English classes are also provided at the Center; Manna has taken to the drums and excels at that too!

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Child sponsorship provides HOPE and a future to children around the globe who might otherwise find themselves in desperate situations. Your sponsorship quite literally has the power to impact them for eternity. Bold Hope lets you choose the country and child that you want to sponsor. We want you to feel connected to the child before you begin the sponsorship process. If you’re ready to make a difference, sponsor a child now — they need you.

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Sponsorship in Cambodia provides children with:

Sponsorship FAQs

Why is Bold Hope sponsorship more expensive than other sponsorship programs?

Rather than having a set amount for sponsorship globally, we have developed a program that allows us to work in all countries without restrictions on what we can provide or how much things cost. The amount needed for sponsorship is determined by which needs local leaders are seeking to help meet and how much it costs to meet them. What sponsorship includes and costs varies country by country. As a result, sponsorship costs more in some places than others. In an effort to make sponsorship affordable for the donors, we’ve assigned more than one sponsorship slot to each child. No matter how many sponsors each child has, your prayers and support are priceless. Your involvement goes a long way to providing HOPE and a future for your sponsored child.

Does the money go directly to the family?

Sponsoring a child through Bold Hope provides you with the unique opportunity to develop a relationship with one specific child. However, monthly sponsorship donations are pooled in order to make the greatest impact. What does this mean? It means that because of your generosity, and that of other sponsors, children around the globe have not only the chance to thrive, but also HOPE for their futures. Sponsorship funds long-term programs and initiatives with the aim of empowering individual sponsored children as well as their entire communities.

We work closely with local churches and missionaries to ensure that the children enrolled in the sponsorship program are receiving the benefits of sponsorship. Rather than giving money directly to the sponsored family, local leaders are responsible for things like purchasing food, supplies, or paying school fees. We require regular reports from the sponsorship program directors to ensure that the needs of each sponsored child are being met. Each program is reviewed at least once annually.

Can I contact my sponsored child?

Sponsoring a child goes beyond just basic’s an opportunity to develop a true relationship with the child and their family. Writing letters is a chance to get to know them better and begin to understand life in their community.

Once you’re happy with your letter, use our online letter-writing page to submit the final draft. We will translate the letter into your sponsored child’s native tongue so that they and their family can read it. Please allow between two-three weeks for your letter to reach them. Once the letter arrives, your sponsored child can read the letter or have it read to them. They will then respond with a letter or drawing.

Bold Hope will update you on your sponsored child's progress at least twice annually.