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Scheduling a group mission trip to Costa Rica means signing up for an experience that will challenge and grow you, while also making a difference in the world. Bold Hope has partnered with a local pastor in Costa Rica whose desire is to provide his community Playa Azul, and surrounding communities, with HOPE and to see lives transformed.

Our Partners:

San José

Costa Rica

Our partner in Costa Rica is located in the capital city of San José. She focuses on serving within the urban context of the largest city in Costa Rica. Service opportunities here include working with local churches, small construction projects, and children’s ministry. 

What Group Mission Trips to Costa Rica Look Like

You will have the opportunity to serve in a variety of ways alongside our missionary partners in Costa Rica. On our trips, team members work with churches, children and schools to fulfill the needs of local communities. Our local ministry partner has established a community church and a children's camp in order to facilitate connection with community members and children who need spiritual encouragement, among other things.

During your weeklong stay, your group will assist with the meaningful work that happens year-round, such as:

  • Children and youth programs: The children's camp and local schools provide exciting service opportunities for missionary groups. From playing and engaging with children in sports and games to creating crafts with them, you can strengthen the relationships our partners have worked hard to build by offering love, encouragement and support.
  • Construction: Because of high rates of poverty, local communities such as Playa Azul struggle to repair and maintain essential structures such as the church. Your group could bless the community by assisting in the upkeep of its buildings. With a well-maintained church or mission site, people can continue to teach others about God and the good work He has done for us.
  • Music ministry: Music is integral to Latin American countries like Costa Rica. During the mission trip, you may have the opportunity to host music ministry events. These events provide a fun, casual opportunity to connect with people in the community, both spiritually and socially.

Costa Rica Hope Initiatives

Our HOPE initiatives are projects and programs undertaken by our local partners with the aim of inspiring HOPE among Costa Ricans and the nations. Bold Hope comes alongside the long-term vision of these faithful few to provide support in the form of encouragement and short-term mission teams.

Educational Programs
Bold Hope Educational Programs

Educational Programs

Education changes the trajectory of a child’s life. Our partners are connected to local schools; teams have the opportunity to encourage and support teachers and students while visiting. 

Learn more about our Educational Programs Hope Initiative

Community Outreach
Bold Hope Community Outreach

Community Outreach

With a commitment to the spread of the gospel, our partner is intentional about investing in their community. Through music ministry and special events, the door is open for people to hear about Jesus. Teams offer the opportunity to host more events and programs for the community.

Learn more about our Community Outreach Hope Initiative

Community Development
Bold Hope Community Development

Community Development

Missionaries/pastors often don’t have the budget for repairs or updates. Our teams are able to contribute to the ongoing upkeep of the mission site or church or help with bigger projects as needed. Similarly, there are often many needs within a community that are unable to be completed due to lack of finances or labor. Teams commonly provide both.

Learn more about our Community Development Hope Initiative

Children's Ministry
Bold Hope Children's Ministry

Children's Ministry

Children are a big focus of the ministry in Costa Rica. Our partners have developed a camp for local children to come to have fun and learn about Jesus. Teams have the opportunity to help host programs at the camp, engaging children with sports, games, crafts, music and other programs to pave the way for them to learn more about the gospel. 

Learn more about our Children's Ministry Hope Initiative

Church Partnerships
Bold Hope Church Partnerships

Church Partnerships

Our partners planted a church several years ago and have a desire to see the gospel shared in their community. They long for the church to grow and people’s lives to be changed because of it. Church programs such as Bible studies, worship nights, and outreach events are a great way to initiate a connection with the people of Costa Rica. Long-term relationships tend to make the biggest impact on individuals’ lives; discipleship and mentorship play a significant role in seeing lives transformed for Jesus Christ. We believe strongly in the power of prayer, and encourage teams to get to know more about the community by walking through the villages and praying over the homes and people there. We do all of this in support of the local church. Another way we come alongside these congregations to see their visions furthered is through pastor/leadership training. 

Learn more about our Church Partnerships Hope Initiative

Why you should partner with

Bold Hope

Bold Hope is dedicated to the growth of international communities in need. We care about your group's development, too. We partner with reliable organizations, missionaries and families who are already working to do good for their community. When you schedule your Costa Rica mission trip, you can trust that Bold Hope will provide your team with safe opportunities to make a true difference.

What We Provide for Your Mission Trip

Many organizations that offer mission trips offer a limited amount of benefits, and it's common for the accommodations of the missionary group to be uncomfortable and small. Thankfully, Bold Hope provides safe hotel or guest house lodging for you and your group. Partnering with Bold Hope on a short-term mission trip means the details are taken care of - you’ll receive three meals a day, be transported in-country by trusted and reliable drivers, and have a Bold Hope staff member with you at all times. These provisions make Bold Hope a fantastic organization to work with if you're planning a family or youth mission trip.

Learn More About Our Trips to Costa Rica

If you're interested in setting up a group mission trip for your community, family or youth group, contact Bold Hope. We can provide you with more information on the trips, inclusions and pricing. Bold Hope mission trips are offered year-round, so it's never too late to plan a trip. Contact us today to get started!

Interested in a Trip to Costa Rica?

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