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sky view of dominican republic town

The Need

The Dominican Republic is home to approximately 230 bateyes (settlements surrounded by sugarcane plantations) that once played a major role in the national economy. Most of these bateyes are settled by Haitian immigrants, who feel the direct effects of a long history of dispute and hatred between the two neighboring countries. These communities tend to be the most vulnerable of the poor areas in the DR due to a lack of basic infrastructure.

the Dominican Republic At A Glance

Climate Tropical

Current Temp: 88°


10,298,756 (appx. 7% live in Bateyes)


93.8% Christian


Haitian Creole, Spanish



the Dominican Republic Information


30.5% of Dominicans live in poverty throughout the country. This percentage is much higher in bateyes where we serve.


$1 USD = 54.23 Dominican Pesos (DOP)


Many Haitians move to across the border in search of a job and send money back to their families. Because of this, the Dominican Republic is responsible for ⅓ of Haiti’s GDP.