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Haiti Fundraiser

Invest in Haiti

The need in Haiti

Right now, the people of Haiti are suffering in unthinkable ways. The streets are patrolled by violent gangs. Businesses, schools, and hospitals routinely shut down out of fear. And yet, our Bold Hope staff continues to hold worship services and other activities. They distribute food in the communities where our sponsored children reside, sometimes endangering their own lives to get those resources distributed. Would you give so that our team can continue to minister to struggling families?

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Haiti Child Sponsorship

Sponsor a child in Haiti

If you want to make a daily difference in the lives of children and families, please consider sponsoring a child. Your sponsorship helps to provide programming that impacts a family's future, both physically and spiritually, such as discipleship programs, education initiatives, supplemental nutrition, and medical care.

One of the families in our program has a beautiful story of HOPE thanks to their sponsors. The mother brought her children to the church on Bold Hope's site, but the father had no interest in attending. Church leaders got to know him; their intentional relationship building and demonstration of Christ's love eventually led him to church. He has since given his life to Christ, and, through the ministry of the church, decided to get married after learning God's plan for families. Now, the entire family is continuing to grow in their involvement in the church and their relationship with their Lord and Savior.

Our Current Ongoing Work in Haiti

Sponsor a child in Haiti
Savings Program Meeting

Our staff in Haiti lead several ongoing programs: the Bold Hope Professional School where adults come to learn a trade, the Microfinance Savings Program, church, Bible study, primary school (preschool-grade 6), and more. Check out the story below of how one mother was impacted by the Savings Program beyond what she'd ever expected.

A single mother of 8 is part of our savings program, which has helped her to provide for her children. The program is helping her obtain interest-free loans to expand her business of selling soft drinks—she is hopeful that her income will increase which will enable her to finish the construction of her house. Not only has participation in the savings program given her the opportunity to provide for her family, but it also gave her support during a personal crisis. When the country was shut down during the political upheaval, she lost her mother. Members of the program visited her and resources from the emergency fund helped her get her family through this challenging time. She has seen firsthand the beauty of God’s design for community.

Become a Monthly Donor

Our daily programs empower individuals and encourage entire communities. Bold Hope monthly donors help to fund this ongoing work. Consistent monthly donations help us to plan programs like this and create sustainable, lasting impact.