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The Nascimento Family

Corriverton, Guyana

Pastor John and his family were involved in church planting in western Guyana before being called to lead two churches in the east who’d been without pastors for the past 30 years. He is passionate about training others to become pastors and church leaders. Eastern Guyana is comprised mostly of Hindu and Muslim communities, which is why relational evangelism in this tiny nation is so important. Through things like Vacation Bible School, community cleanup, evangelism, tutoring, and men’s/women’s ministry, our partners seek to truly know the people they serve in order that they might love them well.

Guyana Hope Initiatives

Our HOPE initiatives are efforts undertaken by our local missionary partner with the aim of inspiring HOPE among the Muslim and Hindu people they serve. Bold Hope's desire is to come alongside the long-term vision to provide financial assistance as well as encouragement in the form of short-term mission teams.

Educational Programs
Bold Hope Educational Programs

Educational Programs

Many pastors are laymen who serve their congregations as volunteers. Pastoral training is a valuable tool that will equip these men with a better understanding of how to present the gospel and meet their community’s spiritual needs. The local church is small, and anyone working with children is a volunteer that has likely never been trained. Teams can meet this important need by putting on seminars or workshops for those who have a heart for children’s ministry. Additionally, tutoring is a natural, easy way to develop long-term relationships with children and youth in the community. Providing educational guidance allows the local pastor and church leaders to get to know families and help meet their greater needs.

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Community Outreach
Bold Hope Community Outreach

Community Outreach

Sports are a great way to connect with people whom you’ve never met! Kids and teens in Guyana love football (soccer) especially - we love using sports as a way to enter into conversation and relationship.

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Community Development
Bold Hope Community Development

Community Development

Missionaries/pastors often don’t have the budget for repairs or updates. Our teams are able to contribute to the ongoing upkeep of the mission site or church or help with bigger projects as needed. Similarly, there are often many needs within a community that are unable to be completed due to lack of finances or labor. Teams commonly provide both.

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Children's Ministry
Bold Hope Children's Ministry

Children's Ministry

Our desire is to support the local church through purposeful, long-term relationships designed to cultivate Christ-centered communities. Our teams will have the opportunity to reach Hindu/Muslim children through VBS (Vacation Bible School).

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Church Partnerships
Bold Hope Church Partnerships

Church Partnerships

The local church we’ve partnered with is in a primarily Hindu and Muslim community. It is our desire to share the HOPE that comes from faith in Christ with these men, women, and children.

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