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Jamaica Ministries

Montego Bay, Jamaica

Our partnerships in Montego Bay, Jamaica have come from our connections with local pastors and leaders. We have relationships with children's homes, local schools and a boy's and girl's club. We invite teams to serve with us at each of these locations over the course of their mission trip.

Montego Bay Boys & Girls Club

The Boys & Girls Club is a safe space for kids to spend their afternoon in an area of the city where they might otherwise get into trouble. The club offers a variety of programs and activities, both formal and informal, including sports, skills training, music lessons, homework help and religious nights. Many of the kids who are members of the club have parents who also attended as a child and are now giving back to the program. Teams get to join in and hang out with kids through planned games and activities as well as organic interaction, with the goal of developing meaningful relationships.

Children's Homes

The various children’s homes we partner with are home to kids who are unable to live with their family for a variety of reasons. These are safe places for them to live until they can be reunited with their family or until they are of age to function on their own as adults. We serve in homes that house girls only, or the physically and mentally disabled, or only babies and toddlers. In each situation, we’ve been allowed the honor of partnering with those who care for children who may otherwise be forgotten. We believe in these homes and have been repeatedly blessed to witness the love that their employees have for the children.

Local Schools

One of our partner pastors, Pastor Campbell has connected with several local schools by sharing daily morning devotions. He attends a different school each day of the week and is passionate about seeing young people grow in their relationship with the Lord. We love joining him when we bring teams to Jamaica.

Embracing Orphans, REBUILD

Montego Bay, Jamaica

One of our Jamaican partners works with local churches and community leaders to identify families needing housing in order to regain custody of their children or to keep their children out of state care. Their mission is to rebuild homes in order to keep families together. Adding a room, repairing a roof or rebuilding a portion of a house may be the only thing standing between a child and their parent. Teams willing to work and provide the necessary funding have the opportunity to help bridge that gap.

Jamaica Hope Initiatives

Our HOPE initiatives are programs and projects undertaken by our local partners with the aim of inspiring HOPE in the people they serve. Bold Hope comes alongside the long-term vision of these faithful men and women to provide financial assistance as well as support in the form of short-term mission teams.

Bold Hope Educational Programs

Educational Programs

A local Jamaican pastor regularly goes into several schools in the area to share morning devotions. When teams are there during the school year, they are able to take this on. Additionally, children/youth living in group homes benefit from tutoring and extra homework help. The same is true for the students who attend a community after-school program; they are offered homework help, skills training, and music education as a supplement to their regular education.

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Bold Hope Community Outreach

Community Outreach

It is important to Bold Hope that we serve not only individuals and families, but whole communities. Behaviorally challenged and intellectually delayed adults are an important part of the community. We come alongside local ministry partners to provide support for the good work already being accomplished. We help tackle each physical and emotional need that presents itself while sharing the gospel. 

Sports are a great way to connect with people whom you’ve never met before! Kids and teens in Jamaica love soccer and basketball especially - we love using sports as a way to enter into conversation and relationship. 

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Bold Hope Community Development

Community Development

The ministries we partner with in Jamaica focus their energy and funds on those whom they serve. As is often the case, that leaves very little time or money for facilities upkeep or renovations. We believe that coming alongside ministries in this way will help them to continue to make an impact for the Kingdom. If your team is specifically interested in construction, we have a local Jamaican partner who builds homes for families who’ve been identified as needing housing in order to regain custody of their children or to keep their children out of state care.

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Bold Hope Children's Ministry

Children's Ministry

In Jamaica, children and youth are a big focus of the ministry you’ll be doing. Depending on the time of year, your team may have the opportunity to go into a local school (or schools) and present the gospel through skits, music, crafts, etc. All throughout the year, your team will have the chance to build relationships with Jamaican youth at a local community program and also visit children in local orphanages or special needs homes. As in many countries around the globe, families often do not want or are unable to care for children with special needs. We partner with a Jamaican ministry that houses approximately 80 children and young adults with moderate to severe special needs. We want to see God’s name glorified among those whom society often forgets. We encourage teams to come prepared with songs, skits, crafts, games, and stories and to interact with these precious children of the King. 

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Bold Hope Church Partnerships

Church Partnerships

When we serve at a children’s home or an after-school program, we always remind team members that we have been given an opportunity to pour into these children’s lives with our own testimonies. Mentoring, encouraging, and discipling Jamaican youth is the first step toward Kingdom transformation. Additionally, teams are able to attend local church services on Sundays, participating if they’d like by preparing music or sharing testimonies. 

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