Mantanzas, Cuba

Trip Name: Bold Hope - CU - 12/26/23-01/01/24


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Trip Name:
Bold Hope - CU - 12/26/23-01/01/24
Trip Destination:
Mantanzas, Cuba
Trip Dates:
Dec. 26, 2023 - Jan. 01, 2024
Trip Cost:
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Trip Status:
Status: In Progress
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Please thoroughly read and complete each step in the tabs below. All forms must be filled out prior to your trip's departure. * We understand that background checks and passports take time to complete. Please submit each item as you are able. We will follow up on any missing items as your trip gets closer.


    • Upon registering for a trip you will be prompted to pay the $100 trip reservation fee. The next step is to complete the application for each person traveling. Please note that the application(s) may be sent without passport information or background clearances; we understand that those documents may take time to obtain. We will follow up on any missing items in the coming months.
    • Can I fill out one application for my whole family?
    • Yes, you can fill out a family application on our website, but there is some information that we will need for each trip participant.

    Payment Due Dates

    • $100 trip reservation fee is due upon signing up for a trip.
    • 1st half of payment due: 100 days before trip
    • Final payment due*: 45 days before trip
    *No participant or group will be accepted at the mission site with an outstanding balance. If your balance is not paid in full 15 days before departure, your trip will be canceled.

    Paying for my Trip

    How do I pay for my trip?
    • The first step is to reserve your spot on the team.
      • Trip Reservation
    • The next step is to pay your trip deposit .
      • Pay Trip Deposit
    • The remainder of your trip cost can be paid at the Trip Contributions tab. You can pay the balance yourself or you can invite others to be a part of your mission trip through fundraising.
    • Checkout this document for step-by-step suggestions and details on how to fundraise. Bold Hope Complete Fundraising
    • If you would like others to donate, provide them your designated trip link and they can give towards your trip.  Please ask them to gift the processing & transaction fee so that you receive 100% of their donation toward your trip. Please also ask them to simultaneously send you an email to let you know they have donated. This will help you keep track of your donors so you know whom to thank!
      • Designated Trip Link*: Contribute to My Trip
        • Be sure to submit all trip payments (fundraising or paying yourself) through your trip link
    • All contributions/payments received in excess of trip fees will be used in support of the organization and cannot be refunded or used to reimburse expenses for the group/individual. For groups, if checks are written to Bold Hope, any extra funds will be applied towards projects, the greatest need, ongoing program costs, or administrative expenses. We do not pool funds between participants. If checks are written to the church or organization and excess funds are raised, they can choose how to use the surplus.

    Trip Discounts

    • We offer trip discounts for monthly donors
    • $30 / month = $450 off trip cost
    • $50 / month = $750 off trip cost
    *We ask for a commitment of at least one year.
    **Discount does NOT apply to child sponsors


    I am a part of a group & Bold Hope booked our flights. What do I need to know?
    • Bold Hope will provide flight information to your group leader 90 days prior to your trip. We book in groups so we cannot allow trip participants to choose their seats and we cannot add known traveler numbers or airline frequent flyer accounts. 30 days prior to the flight we submit names and you will be able to add these numbers on your own using your record locator. If you do not have a seat leading up to the flight, you will be assigned one at no cost upon arrival at the airport - there is no need to purchase a seat (unless you prefer to) if Bold Hope purchased your tickets.
    Bold Hope did not book my group’s plane tickets OR I am not a part of a group. How do I book my flights?
    • You are responsible for booking your own airfare. (If you are a part of a group, please check with your group leader about flight plans prior to booking). We recommend searching for flights at or contacting a local travel agent. Please use the following guidelines when booking, and send your itinerary to once finalized.
    • The dates of your trip include travel days on either end -  please be sure to book your flights to arrive and depart on the start and end date of your mission trip.
    • More Airport/Flight/Travel Details :Airport/Travel - Individual


    How do I get to the airport?
    • You will need to get yourself to and from the airport in the United States. Bold Hope will take care of all in-country transportation once you land.


    Where will I be staying?
    • Your hotel will have A/C and Wi-Fi access. Other amenities will vary based on the hotel your team is booked at for the week.
    • 30 days prior to your trip's departure you will receive an email with the name and address of the hotel you will be staying at.
    Can I upgrade my room so that I don't have to share with other team members?
    • Bold Hope typically puts 4 people in each hotel room. We do offer single, double or triple occupancy options for the below upgrade fees:
    • Single room = $450
    • Double = $225/person
    • Triple = $100/person
    • Please email when submitting your application and deposit if you are interested in one of these options.

    International Cellular / WiFi

    • Facetime, Facebook Messenger, and Whatsapp are great free services to help you communicate with loved ones during free time at the hotel.
    • Wi-Fi may be spotty (Set up the apps with your family/friends before you  leave home).
    • We suggest talking to your cell phone provider to find out your international coverage options as well.


    What will we be eating?
    • Breakfast: at the hotel prior to starting your day
    • Lunch & dinner: at the hotel or at a ministry site depending on the schedule for the day
    • You can expect local cuisine and there may be some American food mixed in. If you are a picky eater, have extensive allergies or are worried about food for any reason please bring supplemental snacks to ensure you are not hungry.

    Passport / VISA Requirements

    When do I need my passport?
    • Your passport must be valid at least 6 months past the dates of your trip.
    You need at least 2 empty pages for stamps. If you travel frequently, please check your passport.
    • Whether you are applying for the first time, or applying for a renewal, please apply immediately. The process can take 12 weeks or more and all fees are the responsibility of the trip participant.
    • Visit for more information.
    • When you have your passport, please provide us with a copy.
      • Passport Upload (see below)
    Do I need a VISA or other forms before travel?
    • Belize: A visa IS NOT required for your trip to Belize.
    • DR: A visa IS NOT required for your trip to The Dominican Republic. HOWEVER, you must fill out this form prior to your travel:

    Vaccine requirements

    What vaccines do I need or should I get prior to traveling?
    • All international travelers should research the area they are visiting. Plan to call or visit your primary care physician or a travel medicine specialist at least 4-8 weeks prior to your departure.
    • We recommend starting your research with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. After gathering information, you can then make decisions that are best for you or your family members.
    *The CDC recommends that travelers be up to date with vaccinations common to those living in the United States, such as tetanus and measles/mumps/rubella.
    ** Bold Hope employees are not medically trained and are unable to advise you on vaccination or medication decisions.

    Travel / Trip Insurance

    We purchase trip insurance which includes emergency evacuation, if needed.

      • Principal Sum: $100,000
      • Covered Losses: See Benefit
      • Maximum Benefit: Actual Costs
      • Deductible: $0
      • Maximum Benefit: $10,000
      • Maximum Benefit: $10,000
      • Maximum Benefit: $2,500
      • Deductible: $100
      • Maximum Benefit: $5,000
      • Deductible: $0
      • Maximum Benefit: $10,000
      • Deductible: $0
      • Deductible must be incurred within: 1 year
      • Maximum Benefit Period: 1 year from the date of the Covered Accident or Sickness
      • Maximum for Pre-existing Conditions: N/A
      • Maximum for Dental Treatment (injury only): N/A
      • Maximum for Emergency Medical Treatment of Pregnancy: N/A
      • Maximum for treatment in an Emergency Room: $10,000
      • Personal Property Maximum Benefit: $2,500
      • Financial Instrument Maximum Benefit: $2,500
      • Deductible per Occurrence: $100
      • Maximum Benefit for Any One or Set of Articles: $750
      • Maximum Benefit for Cash: $500
      • Maximum Benefit: $100,000
      • Maximum Benefit: Actual Costs
      • Deductible: $0
      • Maximum Benefit: $10,000


    What do I need to know for the customs forms?
    • For most countries, you will receive immigration entry documents and customs declaration documents during your flight. Fill out both in blue or black ink. You will be asked for the following:
    • Lodging address: **will be emailed to you 30 days prior to travel.
    • Reason for travel: Recreation


    What will we be doing?
    • This schedule is a rough outline of what you will be doing during your week of service. A more complete schedule will be discussed during team meetings or in an email closer to your trip’s departure.
    • Here are a couple example schedules from past trips:

    Ministry Prep

    How can I be prepared to serve?
    We say it over and over: be flexible. Just about now you’re thinking, easier said than done. Right? We know. But, it is easier to be flexible if you’re prepared with some things that you can implement at a moment’s notice. Be ready with several songs and hand motions to teach children (if you know the song in their language, even better!). Learn games ahead of time that you can play with any number of kids in any kind of space. Bring items that will allow you to easily connect, such as:
    • Jump ropes
    • Nail polish
    • UNO or other simple, wordless card games
    • Beach balls
    • Sports balls
    • Frisbees
    • Bubbles
    • Crayons/coloring books

    Climate / Packing list:

    How much clothing should I plan on bringing?
    • As you are packing for a generally hot climate, we recommend bringing extras of everything; you may have to change a few times each day. Generally bring 1-2 church outfits, 3-4 sets of work clothes, and 6-8 other sets of ministry clothes.
    What should I NOT bring?
    • Tight/clingy or see-through tops or bottoms, low-cut shirts, bikinis, or short shorts.
    What am I forgetting?
    • Hat or baseball cap, socks, undergarments, lightweight sleepwear, sunglasses, or rain gear.

    Cancelation policy

    All trip payments are considered donations and are therefore non-refundable. If a trip participant backs out of a trip, the money donated will go towards Bold Hope’s greatest need at that time.  BH values its relationship with its teams and supporting individuals; please contact BH directly for any questions regarding cancellation.

    Physical Donations

    Are there any guidelines or suggestions concerning donations that I could bring for the ministry?
    • Bringing donated items is an added blessing to our ministry partners. Please email for a list of suggested items. Keep in mind that we ask you to refrain from handing out donations directly; please give them to our missionaries or ministry partners who will distribute them as needed in the context of the relationships they've built over time.
    • Unfortunately, Bold Hope does not have a convenient and cost effective way of shipping donated items to the various countries in which we serve. If you would like to bring donations, you will need to pack them in a suitcase and bring them with you at your own expense.


    How should I prepare for my trip?
    • Please take the time to read through your training booklet (either physical or PDF version) where you will find more information about serving with Bold Hope, fundraising, heart prep and more.
    • If you are a part of a team, please be sure to prioritize attending all team meetings.
    • Missions book recommendations:
      • When Helping Hurts
      • Reciprocal Missions
      • Let the Nations be Glad
      • Across the Street and Around the World
    • Missions podcast recommendations:
      • The Missions Podcast
      • Global Missions Podcast
      • Maverick, a Pioneers Podcast
      • The 1040 Podcast

    Money / Currency

    How much money should I bring? Can I use my credit card? Do I need to bring cash and do I need to exchange it?
    • The American dollar is widely accepted - Locals often do not have change and they will not accept torn or crinkled money, so we suggest bringing new, small bills. Most things are included in your trip but if you would like to purchase souvenirs, participate in extra fun day activities or eat a meal at the fun day location, or purchase food at the airports or any extra drinks at the hotel we recommend bringing some spending money. Additionally, any required COVID tests are taken at the expense of the trip participant. We recommend between $100-$200 for these expenses. Credit cards are also widely accepted but depending on the card can have excessive international fees - please check with your credit card company prior to travel.
      • FOR HAITI: Haiti charges a $10 tourism fee upon arrival. You need to pay that fee in exact cash.
    • We suggest that each trip participant bring $20 to contribute towards a tip for hotel staff, translators, etc. This is a recommendation, not a requirement. Bold Hope will collect all tips at the end of the week and distribute them appropriately.