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Alilus Family

Alilus Family

Meet the Alilus family (Jean Reynold Alilus, Rosemonde and Rosemerlyn Alilus). They are the children of Mr. Reynold Alilus who worked as a lumberjack. He was injured, his right leg damaged in 3 different places. Since then, Mr. Reynold can no longer work. Fortunately, his kids are in the Child Development Program (CDP), so his children can continue to go to school normally and they can eat at least one meal a day at our lunch program. More than anything, he is grateful for the support they receive. He said it would be completely impossible for his family to both pay for the care of his severely fractured leg and take care of their 3 children. Thanks to our program, he does not have to be under severe pressure for the good health of his children. He sincerely expresses his gratitude for the program. He believes that an educated child can accomplish great things in the future and often shows up in spite of his health to watch his children make progress before his eyes.

Gueston Polynice

Gueston Polynice

Gueston Polynice suffered the loss of his father several years ago and now lives alone with his mother. Due to this tragedy, Gueston spent a lot of time alone and didn’t socialize well with others. Through the various meetings and activities provided by the child sponsorship program, Gueston has had the opportunity to develop new relationships and discover new talents. By God’s grace, our team in Haiti invested in his development and began to see a very big change in his life. Now Gueston is a leader among the children. Sometimes, he even plays the role of master of ceremonies at Bold Hope events. He has developed musical talents and excels in his studies. He writes music, sings, and participates in the office administration course. Bold Hope sponsorship provides children with opportunities to develop their character and their talents!

Ansky Joseph

Ansky Joseph

Meet Ansky Joseph. Since Ansky arrived in the program we noticed that he had discomfort, so our medical staff began to watch him closely while doing a series of tests related to his symptoms. It was discovered that the child was suffering from a hernia. After several attempts of different prescriptions he was transferred to another hospital to undergo an operation that the CDP was able to pay for. Without the program his mother would not have had the financial means to treat Ansky. She testified very positively and was really grateful to the sponsor of Ansky Joseph and to the program as a whole

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Sponsor a Child in Haiti

Children living in poverty are especially susceptible to things like disease, malnutrition, etc. Bold Hope believes each child is fundamentally deserving of health, education, and safety. Child sponsorship makes a lasting impact on not only each individual sponsored child, but on their entire family. Make a difference today - sponsor a child.

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Sponsorship in Haiti provides children with:

Sponsorship FAQs

Why does each sponsored child have more than one sponsor?

Rather than having a set amount for sponsorship globally, Bold Hope has instituted a program that allows us to work in all countries without restrictions on what we can provide or how much things cost. The number of slots needed for sponsorship is determined by which needs local leaders are seeking to help meet and how much it costs to meet them. What sponsorship includes and costs varies country by country. As a result, sponsorship costs more in some places than others. In an effort to make sponsorship affordable for the donors, we’ve assigned more than one sponsorship slot to each child. No matter how many sponsors each child has, your prayers and support are priceless. Your involvement goes a long way to providing HOPE and a future for your sponsored child.

Does the money go directly to each child's family?
Sponsoring a child through Bold Hope provides sponsors with the unique opportunity to develop a relationship with one specific child. However, monthly sponsorship donations are pooled in order to make the greatest impact. What does this mean? It means that because of your generosity, and that of other sponsors, children around the globe have not only the chance to thrive, but also HOPE for their futures. Sponsorship funds long-term programs and initiatives with the aim of empowering individual sponsored children as well as their entire communities.

We work closely with local churches and missionaries to ensure that those children enrolled in the sponsorship program are actually receiving the benefits of sponsorship. Rather than giving money directly to the sponsored family, local leaders are responsible for things like purchasing all necessary food and supplies, or paying school fees. We follow up by requiring regular reports from the sponsorship program directors. This allows us to ensure that the needs of each sponsored child are being met. Each program is reviewed at least once annually.
Can I interact with my sponsored child?
At Bold Hope, we encourage you to connect with the child you support. From mission trips to child sponsorships, we offer ways for you to build and strengthen relationships with those whom you have connected. In addition to visiting your sponsored child on a mission trip, we also encourage letter writing; when you have the time, you can submit a letter through our website. Simply provide us with your name, the sponsored child's name and your email. Then, start writing your greeting!

Once you finish your letter, it will be translated into your child's native language. It should take an estimated two to three weeks before your sponsored child receives the letter. Upon receiving the letter and having it read to them, the child can respond by writing a letter back or drawing a picture.

Bold Hope also sends biannual updates on our sponsored children so you can stay up-to-date on the news in Haiti and know what's going on in your child's life.