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Miraldine loves to jump rope!
Miraldine was born July 31, 2009 in Barriere Pois. She goes to school and enjoys it very much.. She has two brothers and three sisters, however she currently lives with her father, grandmother, and one brother along with various extended family that comes to stay from time to time. Her father is struggling to find work because he has extreme knee and back pain. He works as he can and supplements his sporadic employment by making brooms to earn some money. Miraldine loves to jump rope; she also enjoys helping cook for the family. She attends church with her family.

  • Age: 10
  • Gender: Female
  • Birthday: 07/31/2009
  • Current Location: Arcahaie, Haiti
  • Birth Place: Barriere Pois, Haiti
  • Hobbies: Jumping rope
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