Bonjou - good morning

I'm Wesly Dieujuste

Wesly is always found outside with his friends and siblings. Wesly was born in Boisneuff, Haiti on February 3, 2011. He lives with his mother, father two brothers and two sisters in a home that is very small and in poor condition. His father is a farmer and his mother sells at the market. The family eats only when there is enough money to buy food. Usually that is one full meal a day, but sometimes they are not able to purchase food and miss a day of meals. Luckily he is in the program and gets additional meals each day. Wesly does attend church with his family. He loves to play with his community friends outside. He is very inquisitive and learns a lot at school. He also enjoys time with his family.

  • Age: 12
  • Gender: Male
  • Birthday: 02/03/2011
  • Current Location: Arcahaie, Haiti
  • Birth Place: Boisneuff, Haiti

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