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Wisly likes to play in his home with his siblings.
Wisly was born in Boisneuff, Haiti on October 22, 2011. He currently lives in Arcahaie with his mother, father, one brother and three sisters. Wisly's father is a farmer and his mother sells in the market. Wisly is able to eat one full meal a day and sometimes two.
He loves to play at home with his siblings. Wisly's home is in pretty good condition as the mother and father seem to take good care of it. It is made of brick and concrete and is small with two rooms. Wisly started Kindergarten and enjoys it very much. He always seems eager to learn. He started school at a later age, but his parents hope that he can catch up and do well.
Wisly is a little shy around people that he does not know and prefers to be around adults rather than other children. At school he is still learning how to interact with the other students. He has started to make some friends and will play tag and hide and seek with them during classroom breaks.

  • Age: 8
  • Gender: Male
  • Birthday: 10/22/2011
  • Current Location: Arcahaie, Haiti
  • Birth Place: Boisneuff, Haiti
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