Gladina Dort Bold Hope
Bon Apremidi - good afternoon

I'm Gladina Dort

Gladina is now 16 years old, and enjoys Church the most out of everything she does. Gladina goes to church every Sunday and is part of a prayer group. School has been on and off because of the demonstrations. On the days that she does not have school, Gladina helps clean the house, wash the dishes and cook. Each month, she and her family receive food from Bold Hope. Recently, her head has been hurting her often. She has an appointment with the doctor this week to ensure that everything is ok. She likes when Pastor Samuel and Dobovolsky come and visit her and pray with her. The family is very thankful for the monthly food that they receive from Bold Hope. 

  • Age: 18
  • Gender: Female
  • Birthday: 03/27/2003
  • Current Location: Arcahaie, Haiti
  • Birth Place: Pierre Payen, Haiti

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