Kudakwashe Mafukidze Bold Hope
Good morning

I'm Kudakwashe Mafukidze

Kudakwashe is going to school at Zimbiru Primary School, level ECD ‘A’. He can count and is good at tracing letters and numbers, in addition to being able to identify colors and shapes. He is good at capturing and retelling what he has learned everyday when he comes back home after school. He enjoys coloring, drawing, puzzle games, and listening to stories. His favorite food is green macaroni and chicken. He would like to be a soldier when he grows up.

  • Age: 7
  • Gender: Male
  • Birthday: 08/08/2013
  • Current Location: Domboshava, Zimbabwe
  • Birth Place: Harare, Zimbabwe
  • Hobbies: Coloring and painting
  • Needs: I would like clothing, shoes, books, and toys.

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