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Good afternoon

I'm Michel Chery

Michel is also known as Yooshi. He is Haitian and now lives in Batey Brador with his mother Ruth. The family moved to the Dominican Republic in 2021. Ruth left Haiti to try and find a better life for her and Michel. Ruth and Michel currently live in the house of Ruth's aunt in Batey Brador. Michel is a sweet boy and even though he still doesn't speak Spanish, he manages to communicate with his friendliness and joy. Michel participates in all of the activities we do at the Bold Hope Community Center. Michel is a musical boy who likes to sing, loves to play the tambourine, and dreams of learning to play the guitar. Ruth is unemployed and has no documentation. Ruth has no contact with Michel's father.

  • Age: 12
  • Gender: Male
  • Birthday: 09/16/2011
  • Birth Place: Haiti

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